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  • Apr. 26th, 2008 at 2:41 AM
Fountain Pen

As of tonight, I have officially finished all of my work with Little Dorrit. This book has at times been the bane of my existence simply because I kept having trouble meeting deadlines. But now, all of the assignments for it are completed and turned in and that is a rather huge relief off my shoulders. It is not a bad book; in fact, there were points that it was very enjoyable; however, it was a very long book and I think I’ve found spreading the book across the entire semester to make it seem even longer than it actually is. I don’t think I’ll ever try that particular style of class again because I had more trouble with it than almost any other. Granted some of the times I had trouble getting the reading for that class done were times I was trying to get all of the work for another class done, but it still was problematic. The weekly deadline at the same time every week tended to cause me the most trouble.

I figured out that I had better luck with online deadlines that occurred on the weekend as opposed to those that occurred midweek. All in all, what this particular part of my 19th Century Brit Lit class helped me figure out was that I was not suited for that type of class. I either need a class to be wholly online or wholly in-class. The half and half does not work for me and was too difficult to process at times because I would occasionally forget about Wednesday’s work being due simply because I would think “Okay I do not have to be in class again until Monday,” only to later remember that “Oh no!! I had homework!!” It has been a learning experience and I have learned that Dickens is not the most horrible, awful writer on the planet…but I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to read anything else of his anytime soon. I think I’ve had enough Dickens for the month (and maybe the year)!

What finishing up the novel and all the work that has gone with it also really illustrates that the end of the semester is here. I keep saying that and thinking that, but it is not quite hitting home yet; tonight brought the first time that I realized how close to the end we really are and it was a bit of a shock. I think when the semester is over and I’ve had time to breathe a bit, I’ll have to go back and examine how the entire thing went and perhaps even blog a bit about it!