I’m going to blame this on Mana purely for the grounds that she perhaps sent an invitation to start writing something new at a time when I have been debating back and forth about just -how- I should go about writing a blog again (or if I should or if the sky is going to fall on my head for even thinking of starting a new one).

I could also blame this on myself since I’ve let the words get so crazy backed up in my head that I can’t begin to figure out left from right some days for fear of stumbling over the pile of unused letters waiting to eat me alive. Perhaps that’s a bit melodramatic…or perhaps it’s just me. Who knows?

All I know is that I opened my email this afternoon and there was an innocuous e-mail message with a WordPress invitation from a friend and the next thing I know, I’m sitting here babbling incoherently. Go figure. What will I talk about? The sky’s the limit…or perhaps I’m the limit. What a bunch of half-cliched nonsense mingling with brainfog and the need to get up and go figure out what we’re doing for the rest of the evening. In short, I’m flinging words randomly from my fingers hoping that some of them will stick somewhere. Will I come back? Who knows? Will it be today? Who knows? Will I stop talking in half-brainaddled chaos? Hell, no! 😀