For some reason, getting ready for a trip can take varying amounts of time depending upon a) what has to be gotten ready, b) how much (or how little) someone wants to go on said trip, and c) how much the pain to medication ratio is balanced. Today, I have absolutely no desire to get into the car therefore my part of the trip prep has been sleeping (which is probably a good thing), folding one load of laundry, and trying to figure out what things I need to do on the internet before I leave for said trip. Then again, I don’t typically gear up into “driving mode” until about half an hour before I aim to get into the car; after all, if I get into driving mode and we’re still three hours out from leaving, I’ll drive everyone (myself included) utterly bonkers. So, right now, I’m doing a whole lot of nothing and waiting for meds to more properly kick in while I try to figure out what I want my last meal before I get in the car and have about 14 hours of meals on the run to actually be. The verdict so far? I have no idea.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s not that I don’t want to see people at the other end of the trip or that I don’t think that F & K will behave in the car. It’s that I’ve not done this particular trip on my own before…and for some strange reason, this is making me incredibly nervous. Logically, this doesn’t make a ton of sense. I tend to let Rin sleep a large portion of the drives back and forth because I like to drive more than she does and she can sleep in the car, so I tend to spend a fair bit of time playing hop, skip, jump with the iPod and letting the flow of traffic pick my mood of music. Part of the reason we both prefer driving at night (aside from it makes it easier to get small children to sleep) is that you miss a lot of traffic that way. As it stands, I aim to leave here sometime between 11 and 12, so theoretically, I can miss a lot of major rush hours that way. I know I’ll miss Indy’s since it’s about 4 hours from here. I should also miss Cincinnati’s since it’s not that much farther from Indy. I could hit into one or two in Kentucky; however, I am hoping that clever timing will have me through the major metropolitan areas before the morning work clamor begins.

Granted, I might well be driving into Atlanta’s afternoon rush hour by the time all is said and done but I sure as hell hope not. However, as has been proven many times before, this trip can take varying amounts of time based solely on the amount of time that a person has to stop between here and there. And since this is also going to be the first time that I am taking the new route back to Georgia, I have no real gauge of distance and time ratios as I would on the other route. Google Maps quotes the time (with no stops and no traffic) at 12 hours and 9 minutes…but I’ve never met anyone who could stay in the car that long and not stop. 😀

I suppose that some of my nerves are also stemming from the point that the drive back to South Bend in a couple of days will be me and the car on our own. K is going to have a couple of weeks with her grandparents, so it will be, the crap I pack in the car, and the road together. I think that might be a larger part of nerves.

Granted, some of it could be that I have to go act like a grown up for a few days and several parental types are likely going to have questions that I do not yet have the answers to. My Mom in particular is good at asking those questions at the exact wrong moment. (Sorry, Mom, it’s nothing personal…not that you know that this blog exists yet, but you will, at some point, I think, so I want to make that clear. Sometimes, the timing really has NOTHING to do with you and everything to do with where I am at in my head at any given moment.) Hell, that could be said for most people: sometimes people have the worst luck at being The Very Next Person to ask me the same type of question and they tend to get either snapped at or ignored. It’s something I am trying to work on. After all, no one asks to be The Very Next Person, so I try to temper my responses with either a disclaimer that “I sound frustrated but it is not with you” or something similar. However, I also sometimes have trouble convincing people to believe that and I’m not sure why. Or maybe I perceive that they do not believe that which opens up a whole other bucket of monkeys…and I don’t really have time for deep introspective navel gazing tonight.

On the reverse of that, I think that -some- introspective navel gazing has gotten some of the tension in my chest to ease up and some of the general anxiety to, at least for now, slip back beyond the peripheral to let me better be able to focus on other things. Somewhere, Parish is nodding his head and making that knowing “Mmmhmm” face he makes when I FINALLY come back to a point he has been trying to make…and he doesn’t know about this blog yet either…which of course makes the idea of him making that face even more comical. He has, perhaps, felt a disturbance in the force and he has had a thought of “Mhmm” and has no idea why…and if you know Parish, you know why that’s funny. 🙂 (He’s going to read this later and either laugh or ponder thwapping me in the head.)

So, that’s where I am: completely scattered, all over the bloody continent, and trying to get myself into “Major Trip Mode.” I am going into this trip knowing that I don’t have answers to most of the questions that people might ask. I am going into this trip knowing that it is going to be a whirlwind few days. I am going into this trip knowing that no matter what, I am coming back to Indiana in a few days if for no other reason than “By the way, I have Rin’s car and she might want it back.” 😀 What happens from here is anyone’s guess…but I think I might work on having a notebook handy in the car to jot down brief notes along the way.

Also, as a disclaimer to everyone, F & K are actually really darned good in the car and I am running the worst case scenarios in my head because that’s what I do. I’ve already asked if I can duct tape them to the roof and been told no. Same goes for Gorilla Tape and bungee cords, so I suppose that the next best thing is to just grin and remember that I hold the power of choosing where we eat. Bwhahahahahahahaha!

Oh! Another also? Rin loves me a whole lot…not only did she print my directions out for me today, but she totally made a separate sheet with various Starbucks locations along the way so that when I need my caffeine fix come morning, I’ll know where and when I can stop. She loves me so much. 🙂

Until later…or something…I leave you with Warren Zevon lyrics: “keep me in your heart for awhile…”