So, I’m trying to reorganize my thoughts again. I sidetracked myself by sending a super long (and months overdue) email to old friends and am now a bit o_O in my head. Fun, that. *headshake* I suppose in some ways it was a good diversion: I really needed to sit after vanquishing a shower. That’s something I miss…being able to just take a damn shower without worrying about how much it is going to exhaust me or how much or how little the water sensation is going to make my skin hurt. Yeah. That’s a pain in the ass. I think taking a shower without considering it “work” is something healthy people seriously take for granted. I used to. Showers were part of life. Now? I have to coax myself into it and give myself pep talks and try to plan for a shower when it won’t utterly wear me out. The problem? It pretty much always wears me out. What is it about the simple bathing process that is so exhausting? Fuck if I know. I just know it is.

However, now that I’ve had time to sit, I think I’m ready to get up and get started on the real work of the day. I want to try to get some things done before people get home, though I think I’ve kind of blown my lead time with that one. Ah well, these things happen I suppose. I am not exactly sure where I am going to start but I’m going to get something done that’s for damn sure. If nothing else maybe it will take my mind off of the stabbing sinus headache I have. Nothing like waking up about an hour after taking sudaphed only to realize that it was the WRONG choice since now your sinus cavity feels like it’s being stabbed by a spike. Nice.

Wow, I’m kinda whiny/bitchy about being sick today. Maybe I need a disclaimer. Or not. *shrug* Some days are just fucking like that and you have to suck it up and live around and with the illness or it takes over. Bastard that it is.

In other randomness, I have been mulling over more thoughts on my birthday. I think I’ve narrowed down why there is apathy and agitation mingling on the subject and I will attempt to get those thoughts down later…if cleaning doesn’t kill me first. Isn’t that a cheerful thought?

Here’s to hoping you’re in a much perkier mood than I am this afternoon.