*Author’s Note: this entry was originally handwritten on 29 July 2010. It was totally chaotic and I can’t believe I’m posting it, but hey, I’m on a roll.*

Ah, the application process and resume writing…they suck so badly. Why is it so bloody hard to confine skills and experience to words? There are 9 billion things you can do, so why do words fail when you need them most? So, some of what I need to put into words are “recent experiences with youth.” Well, aside from being mum to an 8 year old, I’ve substituted. I’ve volunteered at K’s school doing AR work (which involves record keeping) and other classroom helping including proctoring for CRCT. Both of those would be helpful for the postion at Jackson, a lot actually. In the past, I’ve done daycare work and in high school, I’ve done *Author’s note: wow this sentence kind of sucks so much* student teaching. All of those are valid and helpful. So, how to put all of those into words? Always fun and entertaining. Also, I wonder if I can get S- and Ms. M- to act as references? Or at least write letters of recommendation. Hmm. Well, I’ll find out, at least in theory since I just sent them both emails. I also changed my contact info on my credit cards, so now I just need to do the change of address at the post office so I can get my DL done here in Indiana. I also need to sort out phone details so I can have a local number. After that begins the process of updating the info with all the various people and places who may need it like the doctor’s office and KSU and places like that. So many details…so many places to sort them. Fun and crazy and scary times, let me tell you. That’s all I’ve got for now. The headache I have is super awesome in a not awesome way.

*Author’s note (yeah, again): So I heard back from S- right away who was pretty much like, “Um, duh, yes, use me as a reference and let me know if you need a letter, too. It helps that I’ve known him for ages. I still haven’t heard from Ms. M- yet. Also, I decided (wisely) that attempting to get my DL done before we get back up here is RIDICULOUS times a million and right now I don’t actually care if everyone has to call long distance. Okay, I do, but whatever. The places up here that need the info will also have Rin’s cell number if they need a local one. Which is to say…I am not going to be that insane and try and sort things like phone service in the ~2 days before three weeks of chaos. See, I do occasionally think and use my brain. Aren’t you glad?*