So, after finishing the last post, I actually did manage to help Rin get a few more things done tonight. Largely, we made certain that all of the trash that we had gathered from various cleaning stages made it into the trash cans so that they make it down to the street in the morning for trash day. However, after a bit, we both kind of hit the point of having done way too much.

She has actually (sensibly) gone to bed at this point; however, I am not quite ready to. For one thing, I had my Dad on my mind quite a lot and instead of just keeping that particular thought to myself, I sat down and wrote him a rather long e-mail. He and I have (at least as far as I have seen) gotten a lot closer in the last seven months and have had some amazing conversations. We’ve not had a chance to sit and chat on the phone of late, so I caught him up on a few things. I also made the note for him that considering that I know how much he just loves the phone and how I am prone to babbling at least with e-mail, if he gets bored he can come back and read it later!

I will probably head to bed soon, but I can’t quite sort what is keeping me awake which is annoying the crap out of me considering that I am exhausted beyond all reason at this point. I suspect that some of it is that pain levels have ramped again which sucks ass. I also suspect that some of it is that the next three weeks are going to be full of mad chaos and I’m not entirely certain I am totally up for that much chaos and yet I have to be. It’s not like it’s going to be swept under the rug, ya know? Some of it will be good. Some of it will be downright draining. I just have to figure out how to maintain a balance through all of it.

I imagine that a small bit of it is also that I am eager to have my daughter with me again. This is the longest that she has ever been away from me at one time and while I know that she has had a fantastic time and has gotten to do a lot of different things (like fishing), I miss her so freaking much it almost hurts. I miss her chatter. I miss hearing her playing in the background of whatever else I am doing. I miss her hugs. All of them. I don’t call her my snugglebum for nothing. I want her back with me and am getting more than a bit antsy about that.

Other than those things, I still have no idea why I can’t quite get my brain to shut off. I do think I might possibly be running out of words that seem to be intent upon being written though, so I am going to stop rambling, wrap up a couple of other things, and at least try to go to bed. (It’s definitely time for bed. I had to edit that last html tag because instead of closing the italics, I wrote / try. Needless to say, it didn’t work. :D)

Edited to Add (about an hour later): So I went back and typed up two entries that were missing, one from 16 July and one from 29 July. I also added tags to posts and went a bit nuts with that which was kind of fun actually. Jeez. Now it’s 4:09 in the morning. Ghf.