So, remember how I said we had a lot to do today? Yeah, we got next to nothing done. Why? Because we had a storm sit on top of us for four to five hours this morning and the pressure that had been building behind my right ear turned into full on stabbing with referral pain across my jaw and into my already throbbing sinus cavities. So, poor Rin had to take care of me and help find ways to get me to stop whimpering. The steps involved were fixing me food, retrieving medicine, finding a hot pack and tucking me up into bed. After a couple of hours, I was feeling a little better, but still not quite up to doing anything, so she got me more medicine and things. It was mid-afternoon before I was actually ready to go do anything and that doing simply involved running a couple of errands to get the paint supplies we need for Celebration so that she can get the receipts to the person who needs them and to get a couple of my medicines refilled.

We came back to the house in between running one more errand and picking up the medicines. After we got home, she cleaned out my ears with peroxide which can help if there is extra wax built up. She was peering down my ear canal with a mag lite and was like, “Your ear looks gicky.” Yep, that’s the official term. She managed to get a little bit of stuff out but there is apparently a spot in my ear that looks ridiculously not happy and it hurt like a mother fucker when she touched it with the Q-tip. So…odds are fair that I do, in fact, have a fucking ear infection. Joy. After the peroxide dried out she put in Similasan Children’s Earache Relief drops which shockingly do help. I prefer the children’s version to the adult version since they have one more pain reliever in them. She actually ended up putting them in both ears, so I’ve been sitting here for the past few hours with two cotton balls in my ears which has made for some interesting points in time of trying to figure out what Rin and Tadhg were saying. Woops.

Of course, she and I were getting ready to head to bed since we really have to head down south tomorrow but have to do stuff in the morning first, but Tadhg has been chatty, so he and I have been talking while she’s been sleeping in the recliner…of course that means that I lost the train of thought I had when I started this and have no idea if any of it makes sense. The summation is: today has been filled with me being sick as all hell and wanting my ear to not hurt and getting almost nothing done and Rin being awesome and taking care of me. The end.

Oh! Also, ya’ll might be doomed now that WordPress has phone posting capabilities. It could potentially make for either really entertaining posts when I am in traffic or me babbling at random…or nothing at all. I was thinking it would be cool for driving tomorrow; however, if I don’t feel any better, I don’t foresee me being all “Hi WORLD how are you?!” But we’ll see…It could make for some entertaining times.