Having so many things trying to come out of your head at once that you can’t fucking sort them out for more than three seconds before losing them again. That is really fucking annoying. Also annoying is getting wrapped up in current events to the point that you want to go ballistic on every stupid person that you meet. There’s a cartoon that basically says “can’t sleep, someone on the internet is WRONG” and I’ve felt that way the last couple of days.

Of course some of that is likely trying to avoid a few things but mostly it is simply that blatant idiocy makes my whiskers twitch. Blatantly misinforming the public to get them riled up ticks me off. Ignoring the facts of a situation makes me want to beat people with a clue by four and have done with it. I can’t do any of those things, so I have been doing what I can: combating it post by post on Facebook. See, the whole “putting a mosque at Ground Zero is immoral and inhumane” is making me grind my teeth.


1. It isn’t a mosque, it’s a community center.
2. It’s not AT Ground Zero. It’s 2 blocks from Ground Zero. (There are strip clubs and bars closer for all of you “sacred ground” arguers.)
3. OMFGBBQ WHAT GIVES PEOPLE WHY ARE YOU BEING SO DUMB?! Do you really believe that they are going to train the next generation of terrorists in NYC? Probably not. It’d be easier to do it in a few other places where people would never think to look.
4. Seriously, inhumane and immoral? WHAT THE HELL?! No one has been able to give me a successful explanation of this one. Inhumane, seriously?! Everyone wants to go all eleventy-one-one about it but no one wants to actually talk like rational adults about it.

So, see, it’s kind of driving me up a wall. Unfortunately, that’s also making it hard to think about anything else (see above: someone on the internet is wrong) and you understand why I frequently avoid paying attention to current events. I despise the current trend of scare tactics, buzz words, and misinformation being the name of the game. I hate that people do not realize that EVERY media outlet has an agenda and I certainly dislike that most people can’t be arsed to go do research for themselves. It doesn’t take much to find out information about the community center that people want to build. It doesn’t take long to figure out where it is and that you cannot actually see the damn thing from Ground Zero. Why is this such a difficult concept?

Oh, right, because people would far rather let someone else think for them than for them to think for themselves.