…Are Quickly Foiled By Life

It has been a chaotic weekend. The plans that I thought would happen were blown out of the water completely by unexpected opportunities and at this moment, we are still sitting in Georgia when we should be in South Bend.

Thursday Mom called and wanted to know if Dad could pick K up that afternoon so that they could take her to Pigeon Forge. I told her I had to think about it but would call her back. After a lot of talking it out and tweaking their plans some, we decided to let her go to Pigeon Forge with them. The tweaks involved us taking her up to Cartersville on Friday morning and initially, that they would bring her back to Lilburn when they came home on Sunday.

Thursday was a bit hectic what with the kids trying to get in some last minute play time and everything else going on. Friday morning was no different. We got about 2 hours of sleep before heading to Cartersville. The plan was that after we dropped K off and they headed out that we were either going to go to Summerville to see Rin’s great grandmother or we were going to do some sorting at Mom and Dad’s to get some more of mine and K’s things since there were still a ton there.

First, we ended up going out to lunch with Mom and Dad and then saw them off on their way. She and I are trying a “starting over” thing and I am cautiously optimistic. She said she was tired of fighting and gods know I am, so we’ll see what happens. Anyway, they set off and Rin and I headed to Home Depot. From there, we went to the house.

Here’s where things start to get interesting. You see, my room was a total chaotic mess and there was so much stuff that we had to do some sorting and cleaning to even start getting to what I wanted to get out. Then we realized that we had the house to ourselves (well except for the cats), so we kind of dove into the project. At 6am, she put me to bed in K’s bed because I was so exhausted. She napped for a bit and then the next morning we were back to working again. We had a lot to get done on Saturday before Troy could come up and pick up a load for us for which I still can’t thank him enough. Once he left, we were theoretically just going to do a little bit more and then head back to Lilburn…so then 5am rolls around and we were still there and still working and it was insane. Sunday was much the same way. I actually called Mom and just told them to a) take their time and b) come to their house since we were there. We were still working on getting our first load into the car when they got home. We visited with them for a bit and got the first load in and headed back to Lilburn, trying not to get killed by the idiots on the highways. We started unloading, had a bit of help from Troy, and then sent him to finish his work so he could sleep since he had an early flight Monday morning.

When I realized it was going to take us longer here than I had realized, I called Mom and told her to put K to bed and that I had no real idea when we’d get there. We finally headed that way around 3 something. We stopped at got breakfast at McDonald’s in Cartersville and got to the house around 5am Monday…pretty much in time to wake my Dad up and see him off to work. We didn’t get a lot done while Mom and K were still asleep, so once they woke up, the real work began. We were trying to get back to Lilburn before Mr. Monkey got home, but we missed that deadline and a couple more. There was so much more to sort and play Tetris with than we had realized, and some of it was taking a lot longer than we ever could have calculated for. We finally got on the road around 7 something after a few tearful goodbyes and promises that things really would be okay.

It took a little bit, but K settled in the car and we were talking about how it was a little scary but that she was excited about her new school and moving and that was a very good thing. We got Schlotzky’s for dinner which was yummy as usual and got back to the house around 9. The kids got to play for a little bit and K got to share her super-special caramels that her Gamma had given her, and then it was their bedtime. Rin and I had aimed to get a bit more done, but we both ended up crashing rather soundly. Something about a complete lack of sleep, a whole lot of physical labor, and pain levels catching up to us.

Tuesday dawned with neither of us able to move very well and it pretty much slowed us down from the get-go. By that point, we knew there was no way we would make open house, but we were still shooting for getting her to school on time. (Although once the secretary at the school found out that we were still in the process of moving up she was basically like “please inhale, it is all right”.)

Things took longer than we wanted, in part because I was kinda useless. Also, we had a little bit of time taken up by dinner since we had promised to take them for a Best Friend’s Waffle Dinner for National Waffle Day. We went to WaHo and they were very slow which was annoying. The food was good though, which made up for the horrible server. (Pro tip: if a customer politely asks you if you are new, say yes because it likely means they think you’ve done a terrible job. Pro tip the second: I don’t care if the text message is from God himself, take yourself more than 2 steps away from the table to rudely answer it. Seriously.) The kids had a ton of fun eating their waffles and everything else they consumed, and then we had to make a brief Wal-mart run before returning to Walgreens to attempt to pick up our scripts. The one on Rockbridge is awful and they screw things up all the time but we’d hoped that tonight, since it was closer, that they’d managed 2 freakin’ scripts. Nope. They shorted her ten of her narcotic which meant that she had to go back inside and they were like, “Well, we have to recount the inventory.” Um, what? She asked how long it would take and they weren’t giving her an answer until she got a bit snotty and was like, “No, I have two children in the car who need to get home for bed, how long will it take?” They told her to go and call back later. That stole a bit more time because of having to go in and deal with it and later for having to drive back over after they called her.

The kids had some play time and then they had some snuggle time and then there were some tissues and Mr. Monkey had to go to bed since he had school today. K helped us with stuff for a good long while, and we were still trying to get out of here on time, but I think it was pretty much a doomed effort.

Once we realized that there was no way we would make the school day, we slowed down a bit to try to accommodate stupid, unhappy bodies. Sadly, at this point, we are both kinda gimpy and still have to finish getting everything sorted and into the car. Then there’s that whole driving thing…but it has to be done and it will be good when we get there.

I can’t begin to tell you all of the kinds of things that I found while poking through my bedroom and then trying to decide what needs to come now and what can stay for later trips has also been a bit of a headache. We got out a lot of stuff though and it was kind of startling once we’d gotten the car loaded a second time. I’ve found pictures that I had forgotten existed, writings that I had thought lost, and so much more besides. I’ve found academic papers that remind me that I’m supposed to be working on academic publishing and that I need to kick my own ass and get back into it. I’ve found books and all kinds of other things and have amazed myself by some of the things that the younger me kept over the years. I suspect some of those will find their way here, but I have no idea when.

It has been an emotionally charged, physically draining weekend and we’ve still miles to go before we sleep. I’m trying to finish icing my knees and my lumbar spine since they seem to hate me the most. Silly things.

I talked to Mom a little bit ago and she was only barely “tsk-tsk” at me and mostly was teasing at that. I told her to reassure Dad that I had the 3-Cell Mag-lite in the car (he’d been quite worried that I was going to leave mine there), and she said, “You know that’s partially just his way of saying ‘I love you.'” I said, “I know, that’s why I’m making the note for you.” She got quiet for a moment and said, “After you left the other night, I lost him. The house isn’t that big and I couldn’t find him. I finally stood in the middle of the hall and called his name and he said, ‘I’m in here,’ and I said, ‘Where’s here?'” He had been sitting on my bed, looking around the room. When she went in, he looked up and said, “I’m going to miss her.” She agreed that she would miss me, too, and they took turns petting each other’s hair and telling each other that it would be all right and basically helping each other through the moment. I was moved to tears and almost am again just recounting the story. One, I would have expected it to be the other way around, that he would have lost her, and two, well, it’s good that he did not just shut down on her but instead actually shared his feelings and the moment and it’s a huge step and tells me that even in the midst of the chaos and the Lotsness of it all, they probably will be okay.

Until next time, whenever I manage to steal a few minutes again, here’s to hoping you know where your flashlight is…