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Hello Exhaustion

I can’t sleep. This is ridiculous. I am exhausted and was sleeping fairly soundly…then I woke up and while I’m sitting here like a zompie, I haven’t gone to lay back down yet because I am pretty sure that I’ll just toss and turn and THAT will drive me up a wall. It’s been a busy couple of days and I’m short on sleep as it is. I’m not totally complaining about this fact since some of the reason I’m short on sleep is because we spent hours hanging out with the wonderful Baroness, but what I am kind of wanting to complain about is the fact that I have a million things to do today and really need to be asleep right now.

Friday night was SCA Fighter Practice, though sadly there were no fighters practicing. People worked on a few projects and then we made a group trip to Jo-Ann’s which was actually a great deal of fun. K had fun playing with Rudolph and Robert and the grown-ups all had fun poking around the fabric store. We actually got lucky and found a really nice burnt orange fabric for me (lucky because it was on clearance) that Rin is going to work on making an overdress with. She also found a nice, lush brown fabric to make herself bits with and to use as trim accent on mine. Huzzah for that.

Once we finished at Jo-Ann’s, a smaller group trekked over to Tradewinds for dinner. The kids had fun together, and it was nice having a chance to spend time chatting with Sarah and Carol. Once Carol and Robert left, though, it was just us and the Baroness (plus K and Rudolph). Ya’ll, we ended up ordering food three times we were there that long. We had eaten dinner and then several hours after that, the three of us decided we were hungry again and ordered a round of pre-breakfast snacks, and then, as 6am rolled around, we decided we were hungry again and so we woke the kids up (they had both long since been passed out on the bench seats) and everyone had breakfast.

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Forgive Me if I Doze Off

I seem to be taking tired to a whole new level these days and I am getting plenty of rest. Of course my sleep cycle has gotten a bit wonkified in the past few days and I’ve fallen asleep on the sofa more than once which is probably not the best thing, but it could be worse I suppose. Tonight I keep half-drifting off in spite of attempts to stay awake. Go figure. I only mention it because it gave me a half-witty blog title which is about all I have at the moment. πŸ˜€

The past couple of days have been busy. Friday night was fighter practice with the SCA which was fun. We actually had fighters healthy enough -to- fight so I got to watch a little bit of heavy fighting and a bit of rapier practice which was neat. K also got to try a little bit of rapier practice – at least the basic movements involved. We still have to get her gear for her to be able to fight. She also got to try some Middle Eastern dancing because the lovely baroness was teaching her and another young girl some of the movements. That was fun to watch but also pointed out that K is way out of practice with dance movements which is something we need to start working on now that she has gotten in the habit of doing running and walking outside. Stretching is good for you! I suspect that the incentive of working with Sarah will help that a lot.

Rin was working on some of her Illuminations homework and making several other people ooh and aah which I thought was cute. πŸ™‚ She is working really hard in that class and has done some amazing work already in spite of the professor being a pain in the tush. She made a letter F with Fawkes and Dumbledore and it was fucking phenomenal. I’ll have to ask her if I can post a picture of it at some point because it is awesome. I know that a couple of people have already asked her if she’ll start helping with scrollwork once she has a bit more practice and time, so that is pretty neat!

After practice we headed over to Tradewinds. K and Rudolph (the baroness’s son) had fun together, as usual. He is a couple of years older than her, but K manages to have fun with pretty much everyone. πŸ˜€ They had a great deal of fun turning all of the paper placemats into airplanes and crashing them. Rin, Sarah, and I had a lot of fun just hanging out and talking. We decreed that we were at the cool kids’ table since we had it to ourselves. I suspect that we certainly had a great deal more fun than at the other tables!

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