I seem to be taking tired to a whole new level these days and I am getting plenty of rest. Of course my sleep cycle has gotten a bit wonkified in the past few days and I’ve fallen asleep on the sofa more than once which is probably not the best thing, but it could be worse I suppose. Tonight I keep half-drifting off in spite of attempts to stay awake. Go figure. I only mention it because it gave me a half-witty blog title which is about all I have at the moment. 😀

The past couple of days have been busy. Friday night was fighter practice with the SCA which was fun. We actually had fighters healthy enough -to- fight so I got to watch a little bit of heavy fighting and a bit of rapier practice which was neat. K also got to try a little bit of rapier practice – at least the basic movements involved. We still have to get her gear for her to be able to fight. She also got to try some Middle Eastern dancing because the lovely baroness was teaching her and another young girl some of the movements. That was fun to watch but also pointed out that K is way out of practice with dance movements which is something we need to start working on now that she has gotten in the habit of doing running and walking outside. Stretching is good for you! I suspect that the incentive of working with Sarah will help that a lot.

Rin was working on some of her Illuminations homework and making several other people ooh and aah which I thought was cute. 🙂 She is working really hard in that class and has done some amazing work already in spite of the professor being a pain in the tush. She made a letter F with Fawkes and Dumbledore and it was fucking phenomenal. I’ll have to ask her if I can post a picture of it at some point because it is awesome. I know that a couple of people have already asked her if she’ll start helping with scrollwork once she has a bit more practice and time, so that is pretty neat!

After practice we headed over to Tradewinds. K and Rudolph (the baroness’s son) had fun together, as usual. He is a couple of years older than her, but K manages to have fun with pretty much everyone. 😀 They had a great deal of fun turning all of the paper placemats into airplanes and crashing them. Rin, Sarah, and I had a lot of fun just hanging out and talking. We decreed that we were at the cool kids’ table since we had it to ourselves. I suspect that we certainly had a great deal more fun than at the other tables!


Saturday we were going to try to go to the event that we heard about on Friday night but we ended up oversleeping. It turned out to be fortuitous because we really needed to hit some of the sales that were going on around town on Saturday to try to find K some more uniform pieces. We had pretty good luck at Goodwill, managing to snag her a couple more shirts, a jumper, at least one more skirt, plus a few other cool weather items she needed. We also found a Brownie scout vest for $2.00 and with the patches and pins it had with it, we saved about $30.00 because they were all pretty common so it won’t take much for K to earn them. THAT was a definite help right now. We also got really lucky in another find: a wool cloak that with a little bit of modification will make a short cape sized cloak for an adult or a full length cloak for K.

We also had really good luck at Target because they are putting a lot of their uniform items on clearance right now. She is still likely going to need a couple more pairs of pants, but fitting her into pants right now is really hard. Hopefully we will be able to let her wear her leggings under her skirts which would solve that problem quite nicely.

Rin and I got some more leggings since they had those on sale at Target last week and a few other things, too, but mostly, it was K who lucked out across the board that day. All in all, it ended up being a very productive day, but it was definitely a long one, too. We didn’t get home until after 11pm.

Today, everyone slept in, K included. After that, Rin has been working on laundry and a couple of other things, but it has mostly been a quiet evening. I have been poking at Facebook games when I’ve not been half-dozing off. We did call Mom and Dad and K was quite happy because she got to talk to her Gamma, her Poppa, AND her Nana because they were all at Grandmother’s house. Mom has been over there most of the last three weeks, and Dad was over visiting. K spent some time talking to all three of them. I talked to Dad for a little bit and Mom for a bit longer before she had to get off the phone.

She has kind of had a rough week between having to have an ingrown toenail cut out and having to go BACK to the dentist to get them to fix something they screwed up a couple of weeks ago. Quite frankly, I’m not sure how she managed not to raise holy hell, but that might be just me. The dentist who extracted a tooth that broke a couple of weeks ago (a procedure that took over two hours and multiple stitches) left a piece of bone fragment in her gum. It had worked itself down into a knot in her gum line and so she had to go have that taken care of. The dude tried to get it out WITHOUT anesthesia. I think I would have punched him. Hopefully it is all sorted out for her now, but I know that has caused her lots of trouble already. I think it’s time for her to find a new dentist.

Other than that, things are fairly quiet I suppose. The job hunt is still ongoing. The house organization is definitely still on-going. I think I might get bold and add my blog address to my Facebook profile…we’ll see. I’ll at least take the idea under consideration. At this point though, I’m boring myself so I’m going to shush! 😀