I can’t sleep. This is ridiculous. I am exhausted and was sleeping fairly soundly…then I woke up and while I’m sitting here like a zompie, I haven’t gone to lay back down yet because I am pretty sure that I’ll just toss and turn and THAT will drive me up a wall. It’s been a busy couple of days and I’m short on sleep as it is. I’m not totally complaining about this fact since some of the reason I’m short on sleep is because we spent hours hanging out with the wonderful Baroness, but what I am kind of wanting to complain about is the fact that I have a million things to do today and really need to be asleep right now.

Friday night was SCA Fighter Practice, though sadly there were no fighters practicing. People worked on a few projects and then we made a group trip to Jo-Ann’s which was actually a great deal of fun. K had fun playing with Rudolph and Robert and the grown-ups all had fun poking around the fabric store. We actually got lucky and found a really nice burnt orange fabric for me (lucky because it was on clearance) that Rin is going to work on making an overdress with. She also found a nice, lush brown fabric to make herself bits with and to use as trim accent on mine. Huzzah for that.

Once we finished at Jo-Ann’s, a smaller group trekked over to Tradewinds for dinner. The kids had fun together, and it was nice having a chance to spend time chatting with Sarah and Carol. Once Carol and Robert left, though, it was just us and the Baroness (plus K and Rudolph). Ya’ll, we ended up ordering food three times we were there that long. We had eaten dinner and then several hours after that, the three of us decided we were hungry again and ordered a round of pre-breakfast snacks, and then, as 6am rolled around, we decided we were hungry again and so we woke the kids up (they had both long since been passed out on the bench seats) and everyone had breakfast.

I cannot really begin to tell you how much fun we had just hanging out and talking, and our subject areas ran all over the map. Rin and I have definitely found a kindred spirit in our Baroness and that is really freaking cool. What was also cool was the fact that the Tradewinds staff, at this point, is used to us half-camping out from time-to-time. How cool is that? Seriously, we had a wicked good time and watching Rin and Sarah talking about how to make different period outfits (and getting tips on how to make said period outfits flattering for those of us with a fuller figure) was certainly fun. We have joked that if we’re going to keep that up though that what we really need to do is get the living room here cleaned up so we have comfier seats for it. 😀

Even after we finished breakfast, our little group wasn’t quite ready to give it up. Sarah was showing off her armor and other bits of gear and then she taught me how to play with one of the swords. Amazingly (despite the trouble that I’ve been having this past week), I did not land on the pavement. Huzzah for that! I also learned that while the men in my life who have taught me how to hit thought they were doing me a favor, it actually wasn’t very helpful when it came time to hold the sword and actually use it. Sarah had to show me how to punch like a girl…at which point I was able to actually get some force and momentum into the sword swing. We were talking about it and I think that even if I don’t try to authorize for combat, I would like to work with her and maybe some of the other fighters while we’re at practice because if nothing else, working on the stance and building up my center of gravity would actually be good things. The fact that you can take out some frustration while doing so is also a plus. ^_^ We shall see what happens. Right now there are too many issues going on physically to even really think about trying to authorize and Sarah is definitely of the opinion that she wouldn’t send someone to authorize until they were really ready, so that is definitely waaaaaay down the road. The practicing part though? Yeah that might not be as far. Neat.

After we left our lovely Baroness, we came back to the house so that Rin could try to find some material she knew she had and was actually successful in her hunt. We both tried to nap, but it wasn’t working well for me. I was, at that point, too tired which made it hard to get to sleep and remain that way. There were too many noises, inside the house and outside it. I tried to go lay down in K’s room to see if that would help, but that didn’t really last long. I actually managed to get a bit of sleep once I took some more medicine, but even that was a bit spotty.

While I was napping, K and Rin went on an adventure, scoping out a few garage sales and delivering the material to Sarah. They returned bearing chicken nuggets and french fries. 🙂 By that point, it was time to get ready to head to Oakmont to hang out with the Adams’ and the Curry’s and watch the rest of the Notre Dame game. K was quite delighted that the Fighting Irish managed to hold onto their lead and win (despite the fact that they tried to give it up a few times). After the game, we had ribs for dinner which were really good. We hung out for a bit more watching Rin work on some of her Illuminations homework and just talking. It is normally quite entertaining to talk to Debbie and Mary Chris. I had Debbie rolling by telling her stories about my little brother when he was growing up. He definitely made for some fun times. 😀

We had to go by Meijer on the way home and unfortunately, Miss Ma’am pretty much crossed past the point of tired and headed into cranky space cadet. That didn’t do much to make the trip go any faster, but the sale paper changed over and there were a few things we had meant to grab earlier in the week but had forgotten about, so off to the store we went. I also needed to get ear plugs to see if that would help me sleep better. It had helped some while we were in Florida, so I figured it was worth a shot. We finished up there and headed for home. K went straight to bed and it wasn’t that long before Rin and I were also asleep.

Of course, then I woke up and here I am…hopefully I will actually manage to make it back to sleep since we have to be up and doing things in about four hours. There is a project day today for the SCA as well as K’s first Girl Scouts meeting and the monthly SCA business meeting…so, yeah, definitely a busy day. Ghf. I do not want to be a zombie all day. Rawr. I sort of lost my train of thought somewhere, so I’m going to quit while I’m ahead. 😀