I refuse to let all of that be the top entry right now*, so I’ll talk about a couple of MUCH happier things before I crawl into bed. I obviously am VERY behind so I’ll just share some of the highlights from today.

Rin frantically making little cookies to take to K’s class for her Holiday Party

The other parents, but more importantly the kids, all loved making their own ornaments. They even managed to share far better than I expected from that group.

K winning bingo, bouncing out of her seat with excitement and pride as she realized she’d won. She has HORRIBLE luck at playing bingo and so her winning was pretty big. Her prize was a chocolate santa. Huzzah for that.

The sounds of happy K working on cleaning up her room. She didn’t have homework today, so she had a bit of extra time. Sure, she had to be sent back several times, but you could still tell that in spite of cleaning up, she was happy and having fun.

Watching K’s bouncing excitement as she conspired with Rin across the room. I knew what they were planning, at least a little bit, but not exactly.  She took the time to write out a note and then typed it all in: the note?

From: Us ^_^

Rin had the idea for Mercedes Lackey, but I picked out the book. 🙂 I hope you like your Christmas present. I love you! Love, K

Rin had given her the idea a couple of weeks ago about making part of my holiday present a book for my Kindle. Rin obviously gave her the idea of Mercedes Lackey, and she let her see the titles that were available. When K found out that the newest was available, that was the one she had to pick. So, I was blessed with an early holiday present and a lot of love and smiles. They both felt it might help me feel better and it might make waiting at the doctor a bit easier.

Later, while Rin was at the grocery store and picking up dinner, listening to K play Petville on my computer. Really, hearing her narrate the different things going on is quite amusing, but mostly, she just makes happy noises and conversation and it’s fun. Some days, it can be overwhelming, but it was comfortable tonight.

There are painful things in my life but I am happy and I sometimes have to remind myself of that. Moreover, I have an AMAZING kid who fills my day with a lot of laughing and a lot of hugs. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

* Nota bene: The post that came before this one is a private entry at this point. I decided to leave it that way for reasons. So, enjoy the brighter stuff.