We’re in the final steps of Trip Prep, and I’m kind of twitchy at this point. There’s always a point in the whole packing thing where I just want to say eff it and throw all the things in the car and go. It’s rarely a practical idea, but it doesn’t change the fact that it happens.

I am pondering starting blogging again and in preparation for that, I made all the older posts here private. I will likely at some point change that; however, at the moment, I wanted to start “fresh”. I’m hoping that a quasi-blank slate might help me do this whole “writing” thing again. I know that I need to and several people have said that they would like it (I’m looking at you Maria), so I will try. I’m so horrifically out of practice that it will likely suck eggs, but I’ll try. >_>

I probably should stop babbling and repack the laptop. I had to unpack it to find something for Rin. On that note, I’m going to shut up.

I have the WordPress app on my phone so that might be an incentive for writing, too. You never know.

Argh. This is the lamest blog post ever. *headdesk*

Travel time it is…


EDIT: Okay, so I published this and then I noticed that there was a goal counter on the side of the page. o_O WHY?! I’m not sure if that’s going to be helpful or if it will drive me insane. *sighs* Oy. Goals everywhere I look…