I’m exhausted but I’m having trouble clearing my thoughts enough to sleep. It’s been a stressful few days and the migraine topper today certainly didn’t help. Missing the wedding today was stressful for both of us, but logically, I know that even if we’d tried to leave we wouldn’t have made it anyway. I do fear the potential for drama fallout, but I suspect when a few things are explained, it shouldn’t be too bad.

Now, we’re left with the question of when we are going to leave. I am certain it will be Monday at the earliest, but unless Rin and I both are feeling a ton better tomorrow, it will more than likely be sometime Tuesday. I know we need to leave earlier in the week so that we can get all of K’s things ready for the Chicago trip this weekend. I also know that the antibiotics are kind of kicking my ass, so I suspect there will be more winging it than I want.

Now that I got a tiny bit of stuff out of my head, I think I’m ready to try to sleep. I have some ideas for blogging this month, but I need to flesh them out more clearly before I say anything about them.