Today turned out to be a pretty busy day. We went with Chris, Troy, and the kids to see Brave which was just as awesome as it looked. The clip at the beginning, “La Luna”, was quite adorable. It also had a great, feel good message.

The actual movie was awesome. I loved the story and it was actually better than I expected. I was thrilled that Pixar was running a film with a strong female character. I was even more pleased with the fact that there were TWO strong female characters and that the story required both of them to learn something. The movie had the right amount of serious and funny and the animation was gorgeous. Also, if you’ve not seen it yet, you need to stay through the very end of the credits for a cute Easter egg.

I told Rin that for the first time in ages I want a soundtrack from a Disney movie. In fact, I think it will be quite likely that I’ll buy it so we can put it on the iPod for the drive home.

After the movie we went to Doc Green’s for dinner. It was pretty tasty and the company was nice. We let Chris and Troy have a quiet ride to the house and we took the kids to a local frozen yogurt shop. It’s called Five Spot and it’s in Snellville. It wasn’t bad; however, Rin, K, & I are all spoiled by Let’s Spoon at home. While the yogurt itself was good, a lot of their toppings (especially the cookie dough) were subpar. Also, they use cardboard bowls instead of Styrofoam, so the yogurt melted more quickly than was really good. Overall it was worth going, but I think we’ll try out a few others in the area to see if they fare better.

On the drive home, Rin and I were being schmoopie. In truth, I’d already had a bit of a schmoopie moment at the theater when I glanced up and saw her and K all snuggled together toward the end. It was super adorable and made me smile. In the car, we were listening to different songs and holding hands and just being cute. We were also enjoying watching the dying colors of sunset, the rising of the moon in the clouds, and the occasional play of lightning in the sky. We made a quick trip to the grocery store then came home to watch “The Next Food Network Star” which Troy has gotten us hooked on. (Go Team Alton!)

After the kids went upstairs, Rin and I watched an episode of The Legend of Korra on demand. We’re still several episodes behind but we’re both really enjoying the series. It has some of the great elements of the original Avatar: the Last Airbender series plus some cool new steampunk twists. I’m loving the artwork and the development of the series (though there are times I wish they’d do MORE development). It’s a fun series and you should check it out if you get the chance.

Now, I think we’re likely to make it an early night. We’re both still worn out from the last few days and there’s a lot to do tomorrow. We have to head back to South Bend this week because K has a Girl Scouts trip to Chicago for a scavenger hunt. It sounds like a ton of fun and it was what the girls decided to do with their cookie sale money, so I definitely don’t want her to miss it.

I’m not promising a super detailed post every day; however, I’m going to try to write at least something everyday. Last year, I did “Thirty Days to Thirty” starting on 1 July, and I managed to keep up with it all month. It was great to write short Facebook posts about th things I am thankful for. Ever since then, I’ve toyed with the idea of writing longer pieces of writing with each one of those; however, I KNOW those won’t be an everyday thing. I will try to work on those this month.

I am sorely out of writing practice, but I know that the only person who can fix that is me. I also know I’m going to need some help. (Comments are GREAT encouragement.)

That’s all for today!