I’ve had a smattering of things on my mind today, not the least of which is figuring out our schedule for the rest of the week. We need to be back in South Bend by Friday to have time to get things ready for K’s trip over the weekend, but neither Rin nor I seem to have a lot of will to actually get anything done. For my part, it’s the fact that the antibiotics I’m on are kind of kicking my tush. For her, I think it’s just that she’s tired. We were doing a lot of things last week both in our “last week of being in town” and the “crazy insane push for getting ready to drive home,” and I think all of it took a toll on both of us.

Initially, we were supposed to be back in South Bend on Saturday for a family wedding. Unfortunately, our getting ready to go home spree was slowed when she and I were doing some work in the basement since we both have things down there. It turned out to be a good thing that we were doing sorting work, because in my section, it became obvious that there had been a water leak from somewhere and it had ended up on multiple boxes. The top box was clothes and most of those were all right. The box beneath that one was filled with things like my first Cabbage Patch doll, my Lockheed C-5 hat, and various other odds and ends from my younger days. The box was filled with mold and the initial glance didn’t look good for a lot of things. The bottom of the stack was a plastic bin that had a bunch of purses and bags in it. Since it was open, basically it looked like water had gone into it but had then had nowhere to go. All the bags were a total loss, a few of which were particularly painful as there were bags I’ve had since I was little. However, as I was telling Rin later, if it was a choice between the purses and bags and the box that she managed to salvage 97% of, I’d totally pick that box.

All told, she spent about 12 hours on mold removal as well as working on laundry and still trying to sort her own things in the basement. We were in the process of finishing up getting ready Friday evening when she had a pretty bad asthma attack combined with a reaction to a couple of the medicines she’d taken. There was a little bit of time where I thought I was going to have to take her to the ER; however, resting and just being still for awhile helped. Unfortunately, by the time she was feeling well enough to even think about doing anything, she was exhausted and didn’t really have the energy to finish trying to get everything together and pack the car. We also realized at about the same time that we didn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting to even the reception on time, so we waved a white flag and went to bed. It was disappointing, because we wanted to see Matt and Dolce get married; however, we both agreed that neither of them would thank us if we tried to rush our exhausted selves back up there and got into an accident on the way. It would kind of put a damper on the day.

Saturday, I ended up with a migraine that lasted all day which was just annoying as all get out. Since I started taking Feverfew several months ago, I’ve not had near the problems with migraines; however, they can still sideline me from time to time and I tend to hate being reminded of that fact.

For the most part, Rin and I both have kind of been taking it easy and sleeping a lot or just relaxing on the sofa…unfortunately that doesn’t get the car packed and us on the road. I suspect a small part of it is just that neither of us really want to deal with the packing thing. It’s always frustrating and kind of exhausting. It looks like we’ll be heading out Thursday at some point; I just have no idea when.

I started writing this a few hours ago, but I kept being interrupted by various things so now, of course, I can’t remember half of what I was going to say. It’s incredibly frustrating, particularly given how hard I’m having to fight the self-imposed gag order I’ve been under for awhile. (There are reasons, but it’s now 4 in the morning, and I’m not really interested in analyzing my own brain that closely to coherently put into words why I pretty much shut off the writing part of me for awhile.) Since I can’t remember the things I was going to write about I’m probably going to babble even more horribly than normal. Blargh.

I do know that earlier, I found out that Andy Griffith had died and that made me sad. Not like world-ending, tearing up sad. I suppose that part of it is linked to what I said on Twitter: I used to enjoy watching his show with people I loved as a kid, and I have fond memories of that. To me, it says something of an actor or an artist if their work leaves me with that kind of impression. I know that Mayberry was an idealized setting; however, it was a comforting setting and it was one that made sense, and while many of the supporting characters were important to that overall image, it was Andy’s warmth and charisma that made the show stand out for me. I wanted him to be a part of my family; I wanted to live in his world while I watched it on television. I remember watching The Andy Griffith show at my Granny’s house (along with a ton of other old shows like Dallas), and it was simply something that we did. It was a connection. Of course, one of my least favorite nicknames of all time (Goober) came from that show, so perhaps there was a tiny downside. (In an amusing aside, my little brother’s nickname was Gomer.) I know that obviously Mr. Griffith was older and from what I know he lived a good life. I just think that the world is perhaps a bit sadder today for his loss. I did have a brief moment of o_O when talking about this with Miss Ma’am and Rin. Miss Ma’am didn’t know who Andy Griffith was (though after a bit of explaining she had at least a hint of an idea) and of course, I felt like I’d missed a duty somewhere in the parenting gig. Now I can look at it and realize that it is something else from my youth that I can share with her thereby making new connections upon old ones. I like that idea a lot.

In other bits of randomosity, I finished the book I started last night. I still can’t remember the name of it which might suggest that it wasn’t all that impressive. It was a fun story, particularly for what it was (a chick lit/romance type novel); however, I had some major problems with pacing and time in the story. There were multiple places where time would shift hours or days between one paragraph and the next with no real break or delineation of the shift. I had to reread a couple of places because the jumps of time were either that drastic or that different. A lot of my problem with this issue could be solved by simple formatting. An extra line break or a row of *** or something between the two spans of time that says “Time Passed” would have improved the flow a great deal. On the whole though, it was an enjoyable, fluffy read.

I started another book today that…I also can’t remember the title of now. It’s another chick lit type story; however, this one is proving to be much more entertaining. (The two main characters end up in a hospital quarantine together.) I’m liking the character development which is an element that is frequently overlooked in this type of story. There’s the obvious set-up of two people who are attracted to each other and yet they are also antagonistic of each other; however, in the telling of the story, their perspectives of each other are changing for real reasons as opposed to contrived ones. The author is managing to release details about each character in line with the story without going to drastic efforts to do so. On the whole, it is another light and fluffy type novel, but it’s actually quite enjoyable.

Both of the books are ones that I’ve had on my Kindle but hadn’t gotten around to reading. I’m basically picking things at random for the moment until I decide what series I want to dive into next. I REALLY enjoy being able to carry around tons of books at once. I also appreciate that my Kindle lets me read for much longer at a go because it is lighter than a typical book. It’s a simple device that put reading back into my life simply because it became easy to do so again. In fact, I’ve been a bit more into reading than even goofing around on FB lately. I think this is the first time I’ve opened my computer in a week. (Previous entries were written on my phone…which is not as fun as it sounds.)

I think that’s all I have for tonight. I am somewhat tempted to change the date on the entry but we’ll see. Some of that is more a mental thing for myself than for any real span of continuity or whatever. *shrug* It’s not a huge deal either way. Technically I started writing in my head well before midnight.