I would love to say that something profound kept me busy today, but the reality is that Rin let me sleep until 7. I pretty much got up, had a snack to start taking meds, and then we all went to dinner at Huddle House. A huge storm blew up as we were leaving the restaurant, which pretty much created an insta-headache for Rin and I. We have a billion things to do because we need to head out early afternoon tomorrow, but she’s been working all day, so we’ve had some quiet time watching The Legend of Korra on OnDemand. We’re presently debating whether or not we’re going to watch the season finale. We’re both torn. We want to watch it, but we hate season finales. Dilemmas.

To make up for the utter lameness, I will leave you with a cute K story.

When we’re down here, we tend to frequent the Centerville Huddle House at least a couple of times because Chris and Troy like it a lot. It’s actually quite good. We went once last week, and the food was great. K came over and asked if we had paper. Amazingly, neither of us did. When asked why, she said she wanted to write the cook a letter because the food was Sooo good. We suggested she just go tell him thank you. She went and asked Jill, the server, if she could speak to the person who cooked her food. Jill looked a bit panicked, so Rin and I reassured her from across the room. She smiled and got the cook’s attention. He is an older gentleman, and e listened to K carefully and you could tell he was pleased.

Tonight, the same cook and server were on duty. K had a tiny action figure thing in her purse, and she decided to give it to the cook to say thanks. He was very sweet (despite the fact that he was trying to get ready to leave) and told her that he would put it in the spot he puts gifts from his grandkids. She was very pleased.

I love the fact that she makes efforts to tell people thanks and to appreciate their efforts. I certainly hope it is a trait that sticks with her.

For now, the two kids are trying to stay up playing as long as they can. It’s always hard for them when it’s time for us to leave. Chris calls them peas and carrots and frequently will tell us that Mr. Monkey is missing his carrots. We’ll see how long they last tonight and we’ll remind them that we’ll be back in August. And Rin and I will frantically try to get everything together so that we head out on time tomorrow.

I’ll try to update from the road, but I make no promises.