I’ve decided that for today’s entry, I’m just going to put tidbits in and see what insanity words pop out.

I got up around noon, and Rin had made me breakfast and coffee because she knows me well. In the midst of the fun so far has been trying to ice my back, trying to get the necessary forms for K’s trip tomorrow filled out, and trying to figure out exactly how to pack the car. It’s making for some stress. To top it off, I’m having cognitive issues (read: my brain and my mouth aren’t coordinating and words are broken).

In spite of all of that we’re still trying to get stuff done. Rin called K’s old doctor’s office and got her immunization history, so that’s taken care of for her health form. Now we’re trying to figure out if we can just meet the trip bus in Chicago. If we can, it would open up our schedule some. If not, we’re going to be pushing it…a lot. 

It’s about 6:30pm now, so at least 3 hours from when I started. We’ve gotten a bit more done, but it is slower going than we’d like. That’s the trickier thing about adding stuff from the basement to the drive back. It means a lot more car finagaling than is really fun…and in case you didn’t know, it’s really hot outside.

On a positive note, we have learned that we can meet the bus in Chicago, so absolute worst case, we’ll just drive straight there. (Anybody who knows me knows that this will likely be the route we end up taking.)

That said, we’ve gotten K’s bag for her trip packed, my duffle is completely packed, my laptop bag is completely packed, and Rin’s duffle is almost packed. K’s extra clothes are going into the art cart that Rin bought from Corey to try to keep the damn thing from rattling all the way to Indi-freaking-ana because I’m not sure I’d be able to cope if it did. There are several things from the basement already in the car, but there’s still a lot to be done. I probably wouldn’t even be writing this if I weren’t trying to dry of from my very quick shower (taken because sunscreen prefers cleaner skin, though I think I may be safe from the sunscreen this evening at this point). Oh, and I also got the iPod updated with a couple of new playlists and a few new albums (The Brave soundtrack, Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream that I got for $3 on Amazon, and an album by the inimitable Sooj that we didn’t have yet. I can’t remember the title at the moment, but it has the song “Ravens in the Library” on it). You should totally check S.J. Sooj Tucker out at her website. I strongly recommend the album Blessings with some of my favorite songs like “Firebird’s Child”, “Rabbit’s Song”, and “Come to the Labyrinth”. Sooj is awesome. 🙂

Also, I have no clue what Chris is making for dinner, but it sure as heck smells delicious. I think she said she was making Asian style pork chops. Seriously, I wish you could smell it. It is definitely making me hungry. That also likely means we’re not leaving until after dinner…though that actually makes sense because it will eliminate a stop we’d have had to make anyway.

I suspect I am suitably dry for clothes, so I’m going to quit babbling and get back to doing things. Whine. I’m sure it will be better when we actually get on the road, but right now, I’m stressed.

8:45pm – Dinner was quite tasty even if the cook herself is being very critical of it. More medicines have been taken. Now back to the frantic car packing.

12:15am – Insanity Continues

Upon realizing we still had a ton to do and that we might not quite make it in time to meet the bus we started looking for other options. With a bit of desperation and trepidation, I checked flights to Midway. Surprisingly, there was one arriving in Chicago at a reasonable time. The trick was finding someone to pick her up. Thankfully, our friend Marco said “yes” before we even finished explaining the situation. I booked the flight online then called Airtran to sort the details.

Rin and I are still leaving tomorrow, but now we have a few more hours to get things done and more space in the car to take more things. Also, a bit of time to nap before we head to the airport though 5:00am is going to come awful damn early. Troy says we need to leave by 5:30 to ensure we have enough time. We have to have K at the gate an hour before takeoff and then Rin and I get to twiddle our thumbs and wait for the plane to take off. Fun times.

So, for now, I’m going to quit babbling and get some sleep…

[Yes, I cheated on the posting date but most of this was written pre-midnight so it seems fair.]