Today will work much like yesterday’s post. I’ll keep a local draft all day on my phone and will add to it as I have the time or the inclination.

8:50am: At the airport

Waking up was less than fun, but everyone managed it with minimal whinging. Upon arrival there was a bit of chaos. While we were checking K in, I realized I didn’t have the keys. Rin didn’t have the keys. Fuuuuck. We finished checking in and I half ran back to the car to find them on the dash. Thank you Universe for watching out for my stupid ass.

I hauled butt back inside, and we realized with a bit of woe that we had to go through the regular security line. We’re used to having a wheelchair (either hers or courtesy service). Regular line sucks for pain levels. We made it through pretty quickly given how busy they were, and then we hauled Yush to the gate. Since all three of us had to go to the ladies’ room, K ended up being last board instead of first board. It turned out to be a good thing because it gave us time to hang out with munchkin and take pictures. By the time she boarded, she was more than ready.

Now, Rin and I are sitting and waiting for the plane to be in the air so that we can escape the airport. With Unaccompanied Minors, the adult can’t leave until they are fully airborne. I’m not sure where we’re headed next, though I suspect food is in the plan.

I’d expect more chaos later…


My big girl getting ready for her plane ride!
1:10pm – Post Lunch

We couldn’t leave the gate until 9:30. By that point, we were both famished, so we stopped at Atlanta Bread and had a snack. Getting out of the parking garage was an adventure as most people had ignored the machine by the walkway. It was a giant cluster and took a bit of jockeying to even get out of the parking lot. Once on the highway, Rin took a little nap. By that point, it was almost 11, which is when Mary Mac’s Tea Room opened.

I’ve been wanting to go there ever since we saw it on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, but our timing has always been off. I am so glad we mad it today. Not only was the food fantastic, but the service was wonderful. The entire atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable. When our server brought our drinks, he also delivered a basket of fresh bread with cinnamon rolls, yeast rolls, and cornbread. I could smell the cinnamon rolls across the table and they smelled intoxicating. The taste did not disappoint.

Since it was our first time there, we also were given bowls of pot likker and cracklin bread (cornbread with bacon). I was skeptical. I hate the smell of turnip greens and I’ve never seen any I wanted to try. This, however, was new and I’m trying to be more brave, so I gave it a try. It was tasty. After a few hesitant bites, I crumbled up all my bread in the bowl and it was super tasty. I’m pretty sure my Granny smiled in heaven today. 🙂

About the time I finished that little treat, our lunch arrived. It took us both awhile to figure out what we wanted because there are so many choices. I picked the Fried Chicken (the three leg option which I quietly squeed about because you’d be amazed how many places don’t want to give you just chicken legs) and ordered cream corn and fried okra for the sides. The cream corn was fantastic. They make it fresh every day and you can tell. The okra was good, too, but not quite what I wanted. I traded Rin my okra for her green beans (which had been my other choice). Rin ordered a vegetable plate with cream corn, Brunswick stew, green beans, and the cheesy vegetable casserole. She didn’t care for the casserole side and while the Brunswick stew had overall nice flavors, it was too acidic for her. A manager had stopped by to see how things were and she asked to trade for vegetable soup instead. He could have just replaced the portion from her meal, which is what she asked for. Instead he got her the larger cup of soup and even asked if she wanted crackers.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and we were discussing a plan to get dressed all fancy and go. We also mused that it would be fun to take Alena and Lisa and invite Parish along to watch the entertainment. 🙂

At the end of our meal, a charming older lady came up to chat and check on us and give us a back rub. It was nice, gentle, and soothing and gave me a bit of nostalgia for both my Granny and my Grandmother.

We’ll definitely be going back again at some point, and I know Kerowyn will love it.

Now, we’re at REI because Rin needs a new cane and it just happens to be summer clearance time, so maybe our luck with deals will continue here!

6:13pm – Moar Food

Rin was successful in finding new canes; however, the process took awhile. While she played with the umptydozen kinds, I sat and wrote in a paper journal which I’ll likely transpose into text here later. Watching her gave me brief gratitude for being short. I can use the kids’ trekking poles, the grip is almost perfect, and they are totally cheaper.

After that, we both tortured ourselves trying on shoes. I actually found a pair of sandals I liked quite a bit, but they were pricey, so we decided to wait for a bit. The process took awhile though. I’d had my eye on a few particular styles and struck out on every single one which was pretty disappointing.

I did find packets of chocolate almond butter at checkout which helped assuage my disappointment. It’s hard to find chocolate almond butter. I have a peanut intolerance, so no peanut butter for me, and hazelnut gives me a migraine, so Nutella is right out (though Kerowyn loves it).

As we were heading back toward Lilburn, it became clear we were both hungry. After discussing it, we settled on Pizza Cafe on 78. That decided, we gave Chris a call to see if they wanted to join us. They did, so now we’re waiting for them. If you’re in the Stone Mountain/Lilburn area you should give them a try. Their food is quite tasty.

10:30pm – Back at the house

Dinner was indeed fantastic. We took Mr. Monkey with us to let Chris and Troy have some grown up time. They’d asked if we minded if they went to a movie at 10, and we volunteered to take him with us on a quest for frozen yogurt. While I was waiting for Rin to finish in the restaurant, I gave Mom a call and discovered that she’d already found out about K’s adventure from one of her friends. I’d not expected her to find out until I told her. Ah well. I reminded her K isn’t THAT much younger than I was the first time I flew alone. It all worked out well. Cindy sent me a picture of the girls in Chicago playing in a fountain. They looked like they were having a blast.

Once I got off the phone, the three of us popped into a couple of stores before going to the yogurt shop. We went to Yogurt World by Kroger on Rockbridge Rd. It is a mistake we will not make again. The proprietor gave each of us one sample cup. They had about 14 flavors and we’d said we’d never been there before. We had to reuse them for different flavors. We sent Finn up for one more and the proprietor acted as though Finn was being rude and informed him that he would have to pay because samples were only if you paid. I understand that there might be people who would only eat samples; however, a more effective way of handing that would be to charge per sample cup if a person doesn’t buy yogurt. It is not to treat the polite ten year old like a criminal.

That was about the point that I started talking to Rin about leaving. I knew that several yogurt places closer to Decatur and Atlanta were open until 11. She started trying to explain to Finn that the man had treated him poorly and that she and I were going to seek our desserts elsewhere. She gave him the option, though I think if we’d taken a closer look at toppings I’m not sure we would have. We ended up not letting him have the fruit he wanted and gave him extra Oreos instead (and if you know us, you know what a huge deal this is). The dry goods looked fine, but the fruits and other bits did not. Rin sent him to get a spoon so she could stir his yogurt up while she added his toppings. While she finished up, I went back out to the car because I was cranky and having trouble being polite.

A few minutes passed and they came outside and Rin looked fit to be tied. Apparently, as she was checking out, she took the spoon out and handed it to Finn to hold so that it didn’t get weighed. She paid and was getting ready to walk out when the man walked around to Finn and said, “Next time you need to pay for it before you eat it. I know you already had some.” Rin loudly announced to the rest of the store that “just to be clear, no he wasn’t standing over there eating it. He got the spoon so we could stir it up and then I handed him the spoon so it wasn’t weighed with the bowl. Regardless, it won’t be a problem on the future because I’m not spending money here in the future.”

She and I went to Bruster’s just up the road where Benjamin proved to be cheerful, helpful, and patient. He listened to us kvetch about the other place and got us lots of samples. A few minutes into standing there figuring out what we wanted, Rin asked him how his yogurt was to which his answer was “not at all.” We had him pitch it and got him a single scoop at Bruster’s because there was no sense in possibly making him sick.

In better spirits, I got 2 scoops of Banana Cream Pie. Rin got a cookie dough blast half with vanilla ice cream and half with cake batter. Mr. Monkey had coffee ice cream. Now, I’m sitting on the sofa thinking about how tired I am and wondering what to do about that. I think that’s about all I have for tonight.

Until tomorrow…