Yesterday, I slept. A lot. And Rin did more work in the basement and some other stuff. And now it’s 10:18 Monday morning and we’re somehow still in GA. Yeah. That’s how I feel, too. I’m not sure that we’ll ever be done. But somehow, we must.

What I’ve not mentioned much is that Rin really hasn’t been sleeping. At all. I think she’s taken a couple of naps, including an unplanned one on the basement steps early this morning. Now, I’m trying to finish figuring out how to finish the boxes she’s got downstairs, getting them upstairs, and finish getting the car loaded, oh yeah, and then drive us home. Blargh.

Of course, sitting on the sofa whining about it isn’t going to change much. Well, it might keep Rin from dumping the bowl of cereal in her hands onto the tablet in her lap, but that’s about it. I just know that at the moment, I’m still oddly tired after having some really freakish dreams and I’m feeling overwhelmed. I suspect Rin and I getting into an argument first thing didn’t help matters. (Sorry Chris. I’m sure that was awkward for you to walk in on first thing after Warrl woke you up with his air raid siren barking.)

So, yes, it’s already been an eventful morning if not entirely productive. Now I’m going to try to finish sorting things in the basement and get us out of here before Chris kills us both in self-defense of her own sanity. By hook or by crook, there will be driving today…

12:30pm – The car is 92% packed.

While Rin was passed out on the couch, I have worked on packing the car. In case you didn’t know, it is incredibly hot outside and after making six trips in and out, I’m covered in sweat. I’m also a little tired. Blargh. I just woke Rin up a minute ago, because she needs to get her art portfolio out of the garage and finish packing her bags upstairs. Once she does that, I will be mostly done packing the car. I’m pretty sure that unpacking it is going to suck donkey balls. Then again, it usually does…

At this point, I’m seriously hoping to be out before rush hour because I REALLY don’t want to deal with that shit today. Theoretically, that shouldn’t be a problem, but this whole trip has been frought with difficulties. I’m not placing bets on anything at the moment. My head hurts too much for that nonsense.

5:40pm – Fuuuuck

The car is now 99% packed. It’s also extremely hot for having been sitting in the sun all day. And it’s the height of rush hour. Super. I’m a bit cranky, but I’m trying real damn hard not to be. Hopefully I can maintain that. Hopefully. Let’s see if it lasts after I look at Georgia Navigator…

10:40pm – On the Road

We left Lilburn around 6:30 and made a quick stop in Decatur to get a snowball at New Orleans Snowball Cafe. I gave Mom a call to see if they wanted to have dinner with us at Waffle House in Cartersville. They’d already had dinner, but they said they’d come and sit with us while we ate. We met them there and had a very enjoyable dinner and fun conversation. I finally gave Mom her Mother’s Day present that I’d bought for her when we were in Oregon. I found a pair of gorgeous gold earrings with emeralds. She loved them, so that was good. 🙂

As they were getting ready to leave, she looked at Dad and said, “Take off your shirt and give it to her.” (He had on an awesome Woot shirt that I’d been bummed to have missed.) I kind of made a o_O face and Rin was having giggles. Dad kind of looked torn between embarrassment and doing what she said. I was like, “No, it is okay, really,” in part cause I felt for Dad and in part because while I know they have two, I know that they both really like it. In the end, Dad managed to leave the restaurant with his shirt on, but it was pretty funny.

Now, I have a full stomach and am maybe ready to face the drive though the weather is not looking in my favor. There are some pretty major storms around here, and it looks like I’m driving up into more. Hopefully a lot of that will have moved through by the time we get there. Hopefully.

We just filled up the tank, so I won’t have to stop for gas for awhile. I’m finishing up this bit while Rin is in the store and then we will be on this drive in earnest. I give her less than half an hour before she’s zonked out. Thankfully, I have some new music and a couple of new playlists on the iPod, so that will certainly help.

Into the dark we ride…

(P.S. I did write a post yesterday but it was too boring to tweet, but it still counts.)