Today’s focus was resting, mostly sleeping. Rin woke me up a bit after 6pm to give me some medicine. I started waking up and listened to K chatting at me about Barbies and more about her Chicago trip. I slowly worked at waking up and moving though my body was certainly not happy at the prospect. We had dinner and watched an episode of Young Justice. It was actually quite good and improved Season Two for me. Thus far I’ve been more than a bit disappointed in how it’s played out, so the episode was a definite improvement. I about laughed my butt off at the line “There’s no static in a telepathic link.” It was pretty great.

I ended up making a quick run to the store to pick up a couple of things for Tadhg (and some chocolate for Rin and I). Other than that, today’s been full of doing as little as possible. I have been doing some reading and I think tomorrow I will write about a couple of them. I have some definite thoughts on the Daniel Tosh debacle and a few other random items I’ve seen around and about on the Internet.

Rin and I are finishing up the evening watching an episode of Psych which apparently makes it almost impossible for me to write at the same time. I have to say, without any spoilers, that I adore the guest role that Cary Elwes has played on this show. It’s quirky, fun, and mischievous and quite brilliant.

So, short and boring again, but part of the goal is to write at least something every day, so it counts toward that at least.