The time for traveling is upon us once again. We were hoping to be out yesterday, although when we first started talking about travel plans, I felt that Thursday would be more likely given the other things that were going on in the week prior to traveling and packing. Of course the impending storm (amusingly named Draco) was causing anxiety and desire to be out sooner than was realistically feasible.

That said, packing is always a royal pain in the arse. Trying to figure out what we need where and when is annoying. When you factor in presents for our extended families, you get a right mess of things that all need to go in the car. We also have presents for K because we’re not making her wait until January to receive all of her holiday gifts. It’s made for some frustration, that’s for sure. Also, there were a few presents that either we hadn’t picked up yet, hadn’t figured out what to buy, or whatever, so there’s been a bit of last minute shuffling in terms of that type of thing.

As far as clothes go, we’ve been trying to keep it to about a week’s worth of items this time and just washing accordingly. Given that our washing machine is broken and we’ve not managed to figure out what’s wrong or have it looked at since it broke, there’s been some added chaos there. About half of our things are coming down dirty this trip which is pretty annoying, but it’s certainly cheaper and less time consuming than trying to wash EVERYTHING at the laundromat. That gets really expensive very quickly.

Outside of clothes and gifts, there are always the other odds and ends that travel with us. The requisite stuffed animals are easy to figure out how to pack and they go in the car last since they get used for various jobs on the drive. However, when you started adding up electronic devices and chargers for three people, as well as crafting supplies for the same three people, you get a bit of extra chaos.

I’d love to say that our house is super organized and that packing was easy and maybe one day it will be, but the reality is that just isn’t the case, so a bit of the chaos is simply trying to find space within which to organize things and also finding all the things that we’ve “hidden” or “put somewhere safe”.

Right now, I’m trying to summon the focus to be able to finish sorting all of my crafty/electronic/random crap items so that part is done and yet I’m not finding a ton of motivation to do so. Yes, I want to go, but right now, the whole getting ready process (that we’ve been working on in between the umpty-dozen other things we’ve had to do in the last two weeks) is wearing on me. I’d love to be able to just throw things into bags and go but we have to make sure that we don’t take too much down with us given that we’ll be coming back with holiday gifts and other things. We already have an idea about how big some of those gifts are but not all of them and we also want to try to bring K’s bike back up with us this trip, so packing lightly is a bit of a necessity.

We’ll end up on the road when we end up on the road and hopefully the majorly crazy snow storm will stay north of us like it is supposed to at this point. If it doesn’t, I’ll drive carefully and be annoyed with myself for not getting out sooner. Ultimately, we’ll get to the places we are going and we tried to build in a couple of buffer days before we Absolutely Had to Be There for just the sorts of things listed above. We don’t have an obligation to begin until noon on Saturday, so we still have some time, though I suspect that my sis-in-heart Megan is about ready to shoot us because she’s been looking forward to our trip for a bit. (To Meg, I apologize, but I promise we’re trying…it’s just taking a lot more time than either of us want.)

There is the basic “haha travel makes me insane” post of what I suspect will be several over the next couple of weeks. Anyway, I’m going to stop babbling and go try to get some more things done. I think my current holiday wish for most people is “may it be less chaotic than mine” but that might just be the packing talking. 😀