Today has been a bit frustrating. This morning, I was feeling puny, so I let Rin and K go to the Big Tent Yard Sale at Boni’s house without me and I went back to bed. I was bummed at not going but I’m also pretty sure that was the right choice. They both had a lot of fun which is good and found some cool new treasures, including a vintage leather jumper for Kero that looks so freaking adorable on her. After they got home, we worked on finalizing our plans for the evening. We decided to head out to the Chicago area tonight for several reasons.

The first was that we still weren’t sure what time we would be meeting ‘Song and folks at the Field Museum and since Chicago is usually about two and a half hours from home, and I didn’t want to have to leave stupid early to get there, we felt finding a hotel room for the night would be a benefit. We decided on staying in Bolingbrook one, because hotels in Chicago proper are insanely expensive and two, there’s a BD’s Mongolian Grill in Bolingbrook, so the plan was to have a bit of early birthday treat. Plans, as we all know, tend to all apart pretty easily. :/ While we actually got ready to head out the door in pretty record time, it still ended up being too late once we got into town for BD’s.

We followed reviews in Google local that said Falco’s Pizzaria was pretty good and it was open until midnight (it was nearing 11CT by that point). I would strongly NOT recommend the place. The girl working the counter was awesome, and the pizza bread appetizer was all right, but our dinners were pretty bad. We ordered two kinds of calzones to share betwixt the three of us. Mine was chicken and mushroom and I could at least eat a little bit of it, though I kind of regretted it for a bit afterwards. Rin’s was so salty that even Kero couldn’t eat it and that’s saying something. Rin asked for a refund since she ate 3 bites of it and the man behind the counter was rude about it and acted like she was dumb, because obviously things like cheese and sauce have salt in them. I had to walk away at that point because yelling at him wouldn’t solve the issue. He finally relented and gave her a refund, but he was certainly a jerk about it.

We got to the hotel at about 12:30 and ran into more trouble. They had one room available and it was a smoking room. I was a bit “what the hell” because you usually have to request a smoking room. Also I’m spoiled by the states that have laws banning smoking in hotels. There were no other rooms available, so the desk guy, Esteban, took Rin and K up to see how bad the smell was. Neither to them could walk into the door. Since we had booked through Priceline, he couldn’t just send us to one of the other Choice Hotels without management’s approval and management was apparently asleep. That had me calling Priceline. I talked to the first rep and she had to transfer me to someone else…who I never spoke to. I was on hold from about 12:41 to 1:10. Esteban, gods bless him, actually found us a room. It’s a suite, and I suspect that it wasn’t in the room block because it has a broken television. He got us checked in and gave us blankets for Kero for the couch and was pretty much a freaking rock star. He could have just been like, “Sorry, it’s not my problem,” but he wasn’t. I think that is pretty darn cool.

By the time we got into the room, I was feeling a bit like an asshole. If it hadn’t been for me wanting to come out early, we wouldn’t have had a crappy dinner and hotel drama. Rin was working on reassuring me, but I still felt a bit like an idiot. I’m feeling better now, but it is still frustrating. (And obviously, now it’s 2am CT and we have a long day tomorrow.) I am a bit irked that my early birthday shenanigans have been way-laid a bit, but it will work out in the end I think.

We’re meeting folks at the Field Museum around noon tomorrow and wandering around there for awhile. I would have preferred Science and Industry, but it looks like there are some newer exhibits at Field since the last time we went so it will still be fun. Hopefully we got through all of the travel snafus today so that tomorrow will be much less stressful. Now, I’m going to knit for a little bit and finish winding down so that I can sleep without being tense.