Being up this early is never one of my favorite things. I would love to say that I am handling this with a ton of grace and aplomb…and I the outside it even kind of looks like I am. On the inside though, I am tired, hungry, thirsty, and kind of freaked out. I mean, it is just an abdominal ultrasound! It will mostly likely be fine. It just is completely filled with the unknown and Possibilities and it is freaking me right out. Part of me is tempted to just go in my pajamas but then I remember that I am going to the hospital and when I get home I’d have to take off my fuzzy warm Jammies because they would then be Dirty. (While hospitals are generally clean, they are kind of filled with germs and I do get sick pretty easily so clothes worn at the hospital tend to be considered dirty just for safety’s sake.) so, I am going to stop freaking myself out and go put on the clothes waiting for me and let Rin drive me to the hospital and try not to be a spaz.

Hopefully, in a couple of hours I’ll be home again and I can crawl back into bed for a nap….after I have some water because, seriously, I’ve been thirsty since about half an hour after I had to stop having water and that is annoying.

We can do hard things. Today is definitely counting as a hard thing.


Edited to add post ultrasound: (Originally posted on FB, but then I decided to add it here, too.) You know…that was somewhat anti-climactic. We pretty much walked into the hospital, registered, waited five minutes, and then went into the ultrasound room. The ultrasound itself was mostly painless except for the very last part and even that was mostly just “uncomfortable” as opposed to painful. In theory, the doctor’s office should have the results Monday, so…now it is a waiting thing. Now I’m going to have some breakfast so I can take some medicine and then I am going to take a nap lest my tired, cranky self turn into the raging bitch everyone wants to smack. >_>