I’m having trouble sleeping tonight. Part of it has to do with neighbors who keep making noise at ridiculous hours of the night which is making me want to go outside in my fleece penguin pajama pants and yell. Loudly. Alas, that would make me as much of an ass as they are being and would not really solve anything. I suspect part of it is that stress is kind of making me more tense than I want to be. I keep trying to breathe my way through it all and not let worry be the boss of me, but until Wednesday, I am kind of in a holding pattern in the health department and that is always stressful. I am not the most patient person, (shocking, I know) so waiting for a nebulous thing isn’t always something I am good at. There are still too many potentials and so, I fret despite my best efforts not to. Fretting aside, here’s a week in recap.

Goodbye Gluten
On the whole though, the last week has gone fairly smoothly. Adapting to being gluten free has had some stressful moments, but it has been doable without a lot of extra trouble. The biggest thing is remembering to read all the labels and trying to keep all of the sneaky gluten words in my head. Overall, it has been going pretty well though. Aside from adapting things that Rin already makes, we have tried a few different prepackaged things, too, because it just isn’t feasible for her to try to cook from scratch every night right now. She and I wandered around Whole Foods one night checking out all of their offerings. They have a pretty wide selection, though a lot of it is pricey (which we already knew). We did pick up a few things that were on sale including two types of Udi’s GF pizzas. The first one we tried was the four cheese and it was actually surprisingly good. The second was the Mediterranean one and it was less good. There were a few other things we picked up but I haven’t tried them all yet.

Saturday, Rin and K went out to the farmer’s market and the thrift stores in part to look for clothes for the ever-growing munchkin. Having started the Great K Try-On, we’ve realized she has more gaps this year than she has the last couple of years, so we are getting a head start on looking for some of the things she needs before we get to the point that she really needs them. While they were out, Rin picked up a couple of Udi’s GF chocolate muffins. They looked awesome, but for some bizarre reason, they flavored them with lemon extract and lemon zest and it just did not work for me at all. I like lemons, but I typically do not like them in baked goods. Rin does like lemons, but for her, the taste didn’t mesh with the dark chocolate of the muffins. K is going to try it in the morning. We figure that she will love it because she loves lemons and dark chocolate so it seems like it might be perfect for her.

They also managed to get to Rabbit Moon’s booth at the Farmer’s market and bought macaroons because they are also GF and super tasty. Also, since she uses natural things like fruits and veggies to dye the shells, they are not insanely bright colors chock full of dye. Seriously, if you’re local and you get a chance to try her macaroons, you should. They are amazing and I love them and I am so glad I can still eat them!

Tonight for dinner, Rin decided that tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches sounded tasty. Now, I have only recently become a fan of grilled cheese sandwiches and that is largely due to the cheese shop in town. Rin kind of dragged me there under protest, but it has become a place I like to go. The owners are as nice as can be and they’ll let you try samples of pretty much everything in the shop. I’m not a huge cheese fan unlike my girls, but I am slowly finding some that I really like. Last weekend, they had a blend of three cheeses on the sandwiches that was seriously one if the best things I’ve had to eat in awhile. It just flat worked for me. As a treat, Rin picked up some of all three earlier this week which was super sweet of her. Tonight, she and K ran to the library and then stopped at the grocery store to get a few things. She picked up Udi’s GF white bread for my sandwich and found a GF tomato soup that was super tasty. Yo have to understand that tomato soup is something I am pretty picky about. I love Campbell’s tomato soup which is alas not GF. I don’t know what brand she picked up, but it was really, really good. I was also pretty pleased with the bread. I amused K because I said, “It looks like bread and it smells like bread…” She giggled and said, “But does it taste like bread?” I grinned and tried it and said, “Yes, yes it does!”

I’m sure there will be trials ahead, after all, eating out is where things will be really interesting, but so far, this GF trial is going pretty well.

Knitting Projects
On FB this week, I talked about learning to increase and decrease. The first project was just me playing with a shape to practice the techniques. I made a slightly off kilter hexagon (that I mistakenly called an octagon because I do that and Rin giggled at me :p) that wasn’t great to look at, but it did successfully show the techniques. After that, I found a pattern for heart shaped washcloths and started working on that. I will post a link to the pattern later but it is on the laptop and I am on the tablet. I will also eventually post a picture but the washcloth was conscripted into use fairly quickly and no one wants a picture of a wet washcloth, right? I am pretty proud of it to be honest. I learned several new things included ssk (slip slip knit) and k2tog (knit 2 together) and I also successfully used a different colored piece of yarn as a stitch holder (including taking those stitches off the needles and then getting them back on without dropping any). It probably seems a small thing to people who have been knitting for awhile, but for me it was pretty dadgum huge and I a quite proud. This week, I am going to work on more hats and hopefully get started on a few more $winterholiday gifts once I get some measurements that I need. I was skeptical of this hobby at first, but it is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do and it actually can be pretty relaxing.

I have been reading the 500 Kingdoms series by Mercedes Lackey this week thanks to a generous gift from a friend. I know a lot of folks are not as fond of these as they are of her other works, but I can be a sucker for a “happily ever after” story and I love how Misty handles the fairy tales. Prior to this week I had only read the first two, but I finished the last one tonight and I enjoyed all of them. My favorite was the fourth one though. It is The Sleeping Beauty and it was very entertaining. There was a bit more humor in that one and the way the tale is out together is pretty fascinating. She combined three different tales to make that one and to me it worked pretty well. Reading the series has provided a much needed bit of distraction and happy this week and I just love how the whole series is put together.

The premise behind it is that the 500 Kingdoms are ruled by The Tradition. The Tradition likes to turn stories into real life and can be a force to be reckoned with. At the helm of guiding the Tradition are the Fairy Godmothers whose job is to help guide stories and in a lot of cases to try to avoid some of the worst endings. That doesn’t mean that everything is bliss though. After all, a kingdom that is too perfect is an even larger target for a terrible Traditional tale than a kingdom that has some ups and downs. Interwoven with the Godmothers are Champions, Witches, Wizards, and a cast of characters straight out of fairy tales. While some of the stories can be predictable, that doesn’t take away from how you get to the happily ever after and for me, that is one of the most fun parts. They may not be everyone’s cup of team but they pretty much hit me in the happy place sweet spot. Fairy tales, romance, adventure, dragons (including Bookwyrm’s), and magic definitely fall into my “happy place” of reading. I recommend them much as I recommend anything else that Misty writes.

Of course now I am not sure what to start next though there are a ton of books waiting to be read on my Kindle, so who knows.

I think that about wraps it up for me tonight. I am getting more tired and thus I am having to correct more typos so it is probably time to give this up until next time. I hope you’ve enjoyed my late night ramblings and I hope I fixed all of the typos.