Okay. So I’m maybe a little cranky this morning. I’m trying to adjust to a new medicine dose. Yesterday I doubled the dose I was taking and found myself in bed by 8 last night. I was frustrated because I had things I was trying to do. I decided that it would be okay and went to bed instead of trying to keep myself awake.

When I woke up at 7:30 this morning which is not precisely near my favorite time to wake up, I decided it would still be okay. I would get up and have the house to myself for awhile and do some writing and get caught up since I’ve gotten pretty behind this week. Alas, my grand plan failed because T is also awake, so instead of a quiet house, I have the noises of whatever he is playing or watching in the other room and other noises like his squeaky chair.

In an effort to not let that drive me insane, I put in earbuds and turned on Spotify which…would probably work better if I just spent the $10 for this month to upgrade to premium so that I could actually pick exactly what I want to hear instead of whatever the radio picks for me. But I’m still trying to make the best of it. I’m beginning to wonder if one of the potential side effects of this new medicine is anger issues because -everything- seems to be driving me crazy this week.

I don’t know that I actually have a point right now beyond trying to get some of the frustration out of my head so that I actually can really get some writing done because I am really behind and I really am trying to do this novel thing even if right now it feels stupid and dumb. Also, I think for today I should probably stay off of FB because I keep seeing things that are making me feel more militant than I already felt and that is probably not good. I’m generally better at putting space between myself and things that make me rage-face but this morning, that isn’t working, and given than in a little bit I need to go wake up the munchkin, I should probably save my patience for the people who have to deal with me today.

I almost wonder if I should go somewhere like Panera or Starbucks or the library for the day, but I don’t know if Rin has plans and I don’t particularly want to go wake her up just to find out. That seems a little shitty and I know it certainly wouldn’t make me super happy with whomever came to wake me up for that reason. So, for now, I’ll work a little bit more on getting my mental shit together and actually doing some writing instead if wanting to punch my iPad. After all, it didn’t do anything, right? 🙂

I already ranted once on FB this morning, and I think at some point, I’ll make an actual post about that particular topic that I can just start sharing with whomever posts that nonsense. I’ll even try to be good and keep from swearing too much because I’ve heard that there are some folks who won’t take you seriously that way. *eye roll* I just am trying to be logical and trying not to let that particular meme get to me, but last year it drove me insane. Already seeing it crop up this year is just making me angry, one because we aren’t even past Thanksgiving yet and because it is utterly ridiculous. So, yes, a future more educational type post about that instead of a randy type post is perhaps in order.

Here’s to hoping that ya’ll’s days are going a bit more smoothly than mine thus far!