Today has been a rough day in my head and outside of it. The child has been a bundle of frustration that has left me literally sending her out of the room before I said something I would regret. This is pretty rare for me and while I know it is a good parenting option, it is still upsetting. I’m usually a bit better at keeping my cool with her enough to deal with whatever the problem at hand is.

Today, I just kind of hit a point of not being able to deal with her anymore. We have had at least eight conversations today about her slacking on her work, be it homework or chores. Some of those happened before she did chores/work for the day and some happened after which kind of proves that she wasn’t listening the first time. I know that some of this is normal kid stuff, but I am seriously running out of patience with her on this particular topic. If it is something she wants to do, she is all over it, but if she isn’t in the mood? You might as well not bother and that just isn’t cool. She has to learn that you have to do the boring things AND the fun things, not just the fun things.

I understand. I truly do. No one really likes doing dishes or taking out the trash; however, it makes more sense to do it correctly the fist time instead of spending hours dragging one’s ass or being sent back to repeat the task over and over again. She doesn’t like being yelled at, so you’d think she would get tired of that after awhile, but it doesn’t seem like that today. (Mind you “yelling” isn’t the correct word. “Fussing at” is more appropriate as I only actually raised my voice once and that was after being utterly frustrated with her having somehow managing to lose a glass, 9″x13″ casserole dish somewhere in the house. She doesn’t remember what she did with it and even hunting in the kitchen didn’t unearth it, so I have no idea where the thing has disappeared to. Her only answer is, as usual, “I don’t know.”


I know it is just a day and it will pass, but at this point, I am kind of counting down the time to bedtime in a way I haven’t since she was really small. Hopefully tomorrow she’ll have her brain back together again and she’ll be more ready to do work.

A bright spot today came in the form of a package from our friend Greg. He had posted a link about the new Bionic Woman comic on FB recently asking about it for K since she fell in love with the show when we were out there. I started reading the sample issue for age appropriateness and quickly found myself hooked, so he said he’d send them our way since he had the trade edition. Today, K came in from checking the mail saying that I had a package from the Hatchers and I started bouncing in my seat. After making certain that I could read them before they completely warmed up (I was a little worried about condensation), I started tearing into them. I really enjoyed all ten issues and I think the writers and the artists involved should be commended. I’m not a huge comic fan. I try, but a lot of times they lack something for me. It takes a lot of work or a quirky subject matter to really get me involved in the story. While I enjoyed the old Bionic Woman episodes we watched with the Hatchers, I was quite surprised to find myself enjoying the comics so much.

I like the way Jaime’s character is written. She can do some amazing things and there is the potential risk of her becoming a super god-like character involved with the bionic powers she has. Paul Tobin, the writer, has done a great job at making her fallible both in her mentality and even in her actions. She is a real character dealing with real problems even while battling people like the Russian mob. I like that type of character and I think that is what drew me into the story to begin with. The nice artwork (and it is quite nice) is just an added bonus.

Dinner is ready, so I’m going to stop babbling for the moment. Here’s to hoping tomorrow the kiddo has an attitude adjustment.